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Autumn Haze Classic Candle

Autumn Haze Classic Candle

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Fall 2023 Scents:

🍎 Apple-lachia
Top: gala apple, pear nectar, white peach
Middle: cinnamon, clove leaf, peony
Base: vanilla, tart red berry

🧁 Autumn Haze
Top: clove, buttercream
Middle: cinnamon, burnt sugar, tonka
Base: whipped vanilla

🥐 Flakin' It
warm puff pastry, butter, wheat
(smells like a fresh croissant!)

🎃 Golden Harvest
Top: blood orange, kumquat
Middle: pumpkin, persimmon, clove, allspice
Base: ginger, brown sugar, vanilla

🏕️ Toasted Ghost
Top: elemi, tobacco leaf, cacao
Middle: roasted chestnut, wild sumac
Base: smoked vanilla, birch, guaiacwood


The 10oz Classic vessel measures 3.54” all around and is made of recycled Spanish glass. Each vessel varies very slightly and has a lightly cobbled finish/appearance as well as a taupe hue unique to my seasonal collection. The approximate burn time of candles within this vessel is 56 hours.

These candles are hand-poured in small batches and feature high quality, clean-burning ingredients that create lower environmental impact than your standard candle. They are phthalate-free, toxin-free, paraben and gluten-free; and the wax comes from renewable sources. The luxury fragrance oils provide great hot and cold “throw” while being safer to burn for yourself and your loved ones because they do not contain any reproductive toxins. Due to their handmade nature, variations may occur and are natural within both my wax and glass vessels.

My candles are wicked with crackling wooden wicks that are FSC certified, sustainably sourced, and provide instant ambiance to any space. The pairing of this wax blend and the wooden wicks provides you a slower burn that lasts longer— giving more bang for your buck! It is important to keep wicks trimmed to ¼” height to ensure the wick is performing properly and safely. Wicks can be trimmed by hand (once cooled!), with nail clippers or a wick trimmer from my shop. A candle should never burn every last piece of wax inside of it as this creates the perfect scenario for vessel shattering due to overheating. All wicks are placed with safety clips that extinguish flames when the wax pool reaches the last ½”. Please follow the instructions included on your candle care card within your package for maximum safety and perfected burning.


Plan your first burn to be no shorter than two to three hours. This will allow the candle to create a melt pool across the most of the diameter of the candle vessel, This helps set the candle up for success for future burns by avoiding “tunneling", although a small lip of wax is okay early on in the burn. Coconut wax candles burn hotter as they work down the vessel and will eventually catch small hang-ups.

In the same vein, “power burning” is not recommended - power burning is burning a candle for more than four or five hours at a time.

Never attempt to touch or move a burning candle.

Keep your wick trimmed to 1/4” prior to each burn. This will ensure the wick is performing properly and safely. This can be done using your fingers once the wax has cooled, a nail clipper or a wick trimmer.

Never attempt to burn a candle to the very bottom of the vessel. These candles and wicks are designed to leave 1/2” of unburned wax to protect the candle vessel from overheating and potentially cracking.

Always keep an eye out by burning your candle where it can be watched. Do not allow a candle to burn out of sight or on/near any flammable objects.

Leave the melt pool of your candle free of debris (such as bits of charred wick)

Please keep candles away from children and pets and enjoy.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Awesome candles

This scent is so relaxing and reminds me of fall. Candles are packaged really good. Have gotten other scents and loved them all. Very unique scents! The seller is amazing and responds quickly to emails. Highly recommend ! Thanks for an awesome experience .

Jackie Kern-Wies

I have never written a review on candles, not because the ones I’ve purchased before weren’t good. They just weren’t ever THIS GOOD. Autumn Haze is where fall dreams come true, the scent profile is on point. They burn evenly the smell carries throughout my whole house. Cannot recommend these candles enough.

Grace Monk
Great Experience!

It shipped really fast and smelled amazing! I love that it comes with some samples of other candles. The packaging was also really cute! I bought this candle as a gift, but I will buy another one for myself in the future

Andrea Osborn
Autumn Haze & Golden Harvest: Self Care in Glass Jars

I don't normally feel like I have time to write reviews, but these candles are too important. There's nothing more disappointing than buying a candle based on the description then find out that it doesn't truly have a scent when lit. Both the Autumn Haze and Golden Harvest smell like fall joy. I've been lighting them every day so I'll need to reorder soon!

My New Favorite

Autumn Haze is absolutely perfect, it's my new favorite fall scent and I can't wait to let the scent take over my house! When reading the scent notes, the vanilla did scare me, I'm not a fan of anything vanilla scented, but paired with the clove and cinnamon, I'm in LOVE. Thank you Bailey!