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4oz Coconut Wax Melts

4oz Coconut Wax Melts

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Each coconut wax melt is approximately .4oz to .5oz and are supplied in groups of 7-9 melts. Individual melts are able to provide up to 8 hours of a flameless scent experience in a wax warmer (sold separately). These melts are hand-poured in small batches and feature high quality, clean ingredients that create low environmental impact. Our fragrances are phthalate-free, toxin-free, paraben and gluten-free; and our wax comes from renewable sources. Our luxury fragrance oils provide great hot and cold “throw” while being safer to burn for yourself and your loved ones because they do not contain any reproductive toxins. Due to their handmade nature, variations may occur in regards to melt weight and shape.

Please follow the safety guidelines outlined on the back of your wax melt package. These guidelines advise to only use in tealight or UL listed electric warmers that are approved for use with wax melts. Additionally, always melt in a supervised space away from children and pets. Do not add water to your wax warmer and do not use melts on a stove top or any other unapproved surfaces. Although wax melts are a safer alternative to candles, please still continue use only in well ventilated areas and discontinue use once your dish contains less than ½” of wax.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Chelsea Geist
Holy Moly Black Willow!

The black willow scent is so delicious. I've only opened this bag so far and I'm gmso glad I started with it!

Brianna Lee

I sell Scentsy but these wax melts knock them out of the park!!! They smell so good and the scent last forever! So happy with my purchase. Thank you!

Neilina Vierra

Smells great! Can’t wait to try other wax melt scents!


Ocean blossom is my favorite BaileyBee scent and I am so happy to have these wax melts!


love cabana, it's such a perfect summery scent!