About the Ingredients


All of my candles are crafted out of a luxurious coconut apricot wax blend that comes from renewable sources. This wax blend is gluten free, toxin free, paraben free and phthalate free. All components of my wax are FDA approved. Coconut wax in particular will allow you a cleaner, smoother burn that creates a lower environmental impact than your standard retail candle.


My candles are wicked with crackling wooden wicks that are FSC certified, sustainably sourced and handcrafted in the USA.


My luxury fragrance oils provide great hot and cold “throw” while being safer to burn for yourself and your loved ones because they do not contain any reproductive toxins. I only utilize phthalate-free fragrances: phthalates are typically found in personal care and household items as one of the fragrance ingredients used as carriers to help make a scent linger. While the risk to human health due to low level exposure to phalathates is unknown, industry testing has discovered negative side effects in reproductive health in other test subjects. With that said, none of my ingredients are ever tested on animals.