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Seasonal Room + Linen Sprays

Seasonal Room + Linen Sprays

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🧁 Autumn Haze:
Top: Clove, Buttercream
Middle: Cinnamon, Spice Cake
Base: Whipped Vanilla

🥐 Flakin' It:
Warm Puff Pastry, Butter, Wheat
(smells like a fresh croissant!)

🕸️ Fright Night:
Top: Star Anise, Sweet Orange, Bergamot
Middle: Iris, Black Licorice, Raw Honey
Bottom: Amyris, Cedarwood, Sandalwood

🎃 Golden Harvest:
Top: Blood Orange, Kumquat
Middle: Pumpkin, Persimmon, Clove, Allspice, Ginger
Base: Brown Sugar, Vanilla

👻 Toasted Ghost:
Top: Elemi, Tobacco Leaf, Cacao
Middle: Roasted Chestnut, Wild Sumac
Base: Smokey Vanilla, Birch, Guaiacwood


These room and linen sprays are handmade featuring luxury fragrance paired with a natural, botanically derived spray base. Each bottle contains 4.5 fl oz of product. Spritz once for a light wave of fragrance or further for a more concentrated scent.

Please note that the opacity differs between scents and some sprays showcase a more opaque, white mix while some are more translucent.

Please follow the safety guidelines outlined on the bottom of your room spray bottle. These guidelines advise to not ingest or allow contact with eyes or skin. Please do not spray onto live flames and keep away from children and pets. The fragrance in each spray may not react favorably on all surfaces so it is advised to test inconspicuously first. Separation of the natural materials is common so always shake well before use for maximum fragrance diffusion.

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